Tuesday, March 20, 2012


What happens when you are in the process of designing a blank canvas for your and you find the room has objects that interfere with your vision.  Do you panic and begin stressing out or do you let your creative juices flow. Take the obstacle and use it as a focal point.  For example, when designing the layout for an estate wedding last year, that is exactly what we did. There were a couple of trees in the middle of the backyard and this would have been an obstacle, but instead we used it to our advantage.  What a great spot to put tables, and use that very tree that would have been an obstacle, as a beautiful centerpiece.  Not only did it save the client money, but it became the talk of the evening.  It was gorgeous, elegant, classy and fun!  It was one of the "WOW" factors of the evening!

Have you ran into obstacles while planning your wedding?  If so, how did you overcome the obstacle?

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  1. Yeah, don't hold yourself back. Squeeze those creative juices out and don't worry about some flaws and other imperfections since that us very normal. Just find your stroke, be all natural. And besides, personal and unique touch is guaranteed!