Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bel-Air Wedding: Alexis + Omid

Working with Alexis and Omid was so much fun, both were pleasant and knew exactly what they wanted.  Alexis was a very laid back and calm bride.  I think all she wanted to do was marry the love of her life.  From checking in on Alexis at the hotel while getting ready to meeting Omid at the venue to review final details to meeting and working with the family to working with a wonderful group of vendors, I really enjoyed coordinating this wedding.  Congratulations Alexis and Omid!


Wedding Coordinator: Beverly Harris Weddings & Events (Assistants: Liza Jane, Vanessa Segui, Briana Santos & Christian Larsen)
Christine Larsen: Lark Photo
Hair: Paul Perez
Beverly Hills Make-up: Gina Veltri
DJ Payman
Beverly Blossoms
Sason Catering
LA Event Design
Hansen's Cakes

Los Angeles Times: Maya + Ron

When asked how a guy from the Philippines fell in love with a girl from the Ukraine, Ron Costales said it was simply, “Destiny.”

From the moment he met Maya Buzinovskaya, he was smitten. That was in 2004, when Costales, a physical therapist, began treating her aunt. Professional ethics prevented him from asking Buzinovskaya out at the time, so he worked like a demon and soon got her aunt up and walking for the first time in a year.  Click on the photo above to read more.

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