Wednesday, November 2, 2011

6 Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

  1. Bridal Jeopardy – The hostess compiles a series of trivia answers relating to the bride and groom, then asks the guests to phrase the questions.
  3. Ask each guest to supply a favorite candid photo of themselves with the bride and/or groom plus a brief caption, and create a scrapbook to present to the bride. 
  4. Wedding Charades – The hostess passes out squares of paper with wedding-related phrases or superstitions.  Guests are divided into two teams and take turns acting out the phrases.
  5. Ask each guest to contribute one line to a free-form “poem” of good wishes that will be read and presented to the bride after all the gifts have been opened.
  6. “Roast” the happy couple by having guests take turns telling anecdotes and stories about the bride and groom.
  7. Give the bride some words to live by—invite guests to share their best advice for a happy marriage.  Or ask guests to write their thoughts on note cards, then seal them in an envelope for the couple to open together on their first anniversary.
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