Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gown Preservation | Dry Cleaning

If you want your dress to last until your daughter grows up or to remain in perfect condition for sentimental reasons, take these protective measures:
  • Have your dress and veil cared for by a professional dry cleaner immediately after the wedding.  Point out where any sugar-based beverages spilled on the dress---it may be invisible later, but can stain later.
  • Ask the dry cleaner to test the beads and trim with solvent before cleaning.  Some dresses can't be dry-cleaned if beads are glued on; the glue may dissolve during the cleaning process, and you cold lose all of the decoration.
  • Remove protective shields and bra inserts because they can cause staining over time.
  • Have your dress hand-pressed and wrapped in an acid and linen-free tissue paper.  Store it in a box that's free of acid.  Use the acid and linen-free tissue paper to protect against creases and to puff up sleeves and bodice.  Avoid "vacuum-packed" boxes and cellophane windows what keep air from circulating and can discolor fabric.  Never wrap it in plastic.

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Wedding Cake | Tips and Traditions

Yes, there is proper etiquette on cutting the wedding cake.

  • Cut the cake just before dessert at a luncheon or dinner reception; just after guests have been greeted at a tea or cocktail reception.
  • Use a ribbon-tied silver knife--a Heritage Cake Knife set just received from your registry, with your initials newly engraved is a good choice, as is an heirloom knife, possibly one used by your parents at their wedding.
  • The groom places his right hand over the bride's, and together they cut into the bottom layer.
  • Traditionally, the bride and groom feed each other a taste of the first slice as a symbol of their willingness to share a household.  Try not to smash cake in each other's face.
  • The bride serves her new in-laws their pieces, then the groom serves his new in laws slices.
  • The rest of the cake is cut by the catering staff then served to all guests.
  • Normally the top tier of the wedding cake is saved and eaten on the couple's first anniversary.  Wrap the cake tightly so it is airtight, and freeze.  Or to make sure the wedding cake is still tasty, freeze it to share on your one-month anniversary and re-create a mini version of the original wedding cake for your first year anniversary.

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