Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ask Beverly: What should I be doing a week before my wedding?

Some brides find it hard to relax and leave all the final details to the professionals (wedding vendors).  Here's a list of "TO DO's" I provide my clients one week prior to the wedding.

1 Week Before the Wedding
  • Pamper yourself with a relaxing massage, a manicure and a facial treatment.
  • The groom will want to get a haircut.
  • Give final count to the reception facility, caterer and bartending service.
  • Remind men in the wedding party to pick up their formal wear and to double check the fit.
  • Prepare your toasts of thanks to family and friends to be presented at the reception.
  • Make a schedule outlining the details of the wedding day and give a copy to each person in the wedding party at your rehearsal.
  • Pack for your honeymoon.
  • Mail "thank you" gifts to parents to arrive just after the wedding.
1 to 2 Days Before the Wedding
  • Attend the rehearsal with the minister/officiant, and wedding party.
  • Enjoy your rehearsal dinner with family and friends.
  • Set aside a quiet time to exchange gifts with your partner.
  • Take a long, soaking, relaxing, warm bath before going to bed.
  • Do your best to get to bed early the night before your wedding.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Ask Beverly: Who Should I Bring With Me To Look For My Wedding Gown?

Photo found at http://newandblue.com

This is the first time I've ever been asked this question, but I'm glad you did.  There is no doubt about it: shopping for a wedding gown is one of the best parts of being a bride. Nothing is quite as fun as getting to try on all of those fabulous dresses in your search for the one dress that will truly make you feel like a bride. In the excitement, many brides will want to invite everyone they know to join them for the adventure. But before you do, stop and think carefully about who you should bring wedding gown shopping.

You may be surprised to hear that when it comes to finding your dream gown, having more people does not mean having more help. Did you ever hear the old expression, "Too many chiefs and not enough Indians"? This is exactly what usually happens when a bride brings along a whole entourage. Everyone will have a different opinion, and in all of those voices, it is often the bride's that gets drowned out. Forget about picking a wedding dress by committee or trying to please everyone: it doesn't work.

The ideal number of friends or relatives to bring gown shopping is one to three. (And three can even be pushing it if they are all highly opinionated ladies!) Although it can be fun to try on gowns for all six of your bridesmaids and have them ooh and aah over you, remember that the point is to find your wedding gown, not just to try on lots of dresses. You are better off choosing a couple of friends who will be able to remain focused on you and on what you really want.

The obvious choice for a person to bring gown shopping is the mother of the bride. For many mothers and daughters, it is an experience they have dreamed about sharing for years. If this sounds like you, then by all means, bring your mother. Make a whole mother-daughter day of it with lunch in a nice restaurant after the appointment (hopefully it will be a lunch to celebrate finding your dream dress!).

Not all mothers and daughter see eye to eye, however. If you know that your mother will not be able to keep your personal taste in mind, then you would be better off doing your gown shopping with one of your bridesmaids. You need someone who you can really trust to help you make the right choice. After you have chosen your gown, you can invite your mother to help you pick out your veil and bridal jewelry. Shopping for jewelry and other bridal accessories can also be a good way to involve your future mother-in-law.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Real Wedding: Athenaeum, Pasadena

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure to work with Desi Baytan Photography.  Desi and his lovely wife work as a team.  I had the opportunity to look at some of their wedding photos and wanted to share them with you.  Eechin and Joe's wedding was held at the beautiful Athenaeum Pasadena.  Thank you Desi for being such a delight to work with.  I hope to work with you again soon.

Friday, August 19, 2011

City of Pasadena Engagement Session | Suzie + Cliff

Welcome to my blog.  Today I want to share with you Suzie and Cliff's engagement photos as their wedding day is just around the corner.  These beautiful engagement photos were taken in the City of Pasadena, California.  Thanks to Evoke Photography for sharing these lovely photos.  I'm so excited about their wedding and can't wait to help put it all together.  Congratulatons Suzie and Cliff!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Altadena Town & Country Club Wedding | Sandra + James

Sandra and James are the type of people that are so appreciative, so sincere, and so in love that, as a wedding coordinator, you can’t help but get caught up in the emotion of the day. The lovely couple chose to get married at the Altadena Town and Country Club, a beautiful wedding venue with a unique charm and personality.  Thank you both for allowing me to share in your special day.

Wedding Coordinator: Beverly Harris Weddings & Events (Thanks to my awesome assistants: Vanessa Segui, Stacy Trujeque and Melody Martinez)
Venue: Altadena Town & Country Club
Hair/Make-Up Artist: Yana Beauty Studio
DJ: Hey Mister DJ
Flowers: Creative Floral Designs
Photographer: Bella Pictures
Violinist: Reiko Nakano
Transportation: Corporate Coach Charter & Tours
Cake: Pastries by Nancy

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Balboa Bay Club & Resort - Newport Beach Wedding | Robyn + Jeremy

A few weeks ago, I attended Robin and Jeremy's housewarming party.  I'm so grateful that more than a year after their wedding at the beautiful Balboa Bay Club and Resort Newport Beach, I'm still apart of their life.  Robin and Jeremy were not only one of my favorite client's, but they are very good friends.  I look forward to sharing in more events with them.  Congratulations Robin and Jeremy on your new home.

Wedding Coordinator: Beverly Harris WeddingsDonald Norris Photography & Events (A big thank you to my assistants: Chalyse Wynne, Chantelle McMillian and Stephanie Wu)
Hair Stylist: Tiffany Monday
Make-up Artist: Make-up by Berit
Linens: Stefanie's Linens & More
Florist: Bella Fiore
Chairs: Fusion Linens
Videographer:  A Timeless Memory
Officiant: Sharone Rosen
Ceremony Music: Pat Maki Players

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