Monday, May 9, 2011

Responsibilities Of The Best Man

Advance Help
  • Hosts and coordinates the bachelor party for the groom
  • Arrange fitting sessions for ushers and groomsmen
  • Attends pre-wedding parties
  • Attends the rehearsal dinner
  • Picks up the groom's formal wear prior to the wedding
  • Handles the toasts at the rehearsal dinner
  • Assist the groom by confirming travel and honeymoon for the couple on the day of the wedding

At the Wedding
  • Transports the groom to the ceremony location
  • Assist the groom with dressing for the wedding, and makes sure personal items are returned to the groom's house afterward
  • Signs the marriage certificate as a legal witness
  • Walks with the maid of honor in the recessional
  • Responsible for safe keeping of the bride's wedding ring
  • Helps to organize groomsmen for formal photographs

At the Reception
  • Stands next to the bride in a very formal or formal reception line
  • Mingles with the guest at the reception
  • Dances with the bride and with the maid of honor
  • In charge of toasting during the reception
  • Assists the groom with the tossing of the garter by encouraging the single men to take part in the activity
  • Makes sure that the suitcases are loaded into the vehicle
  • Makes sure the groom has all tickets, hotel information, traveler's checks, itinerary etc. for the honeymoon.
  • Makes sure all men's formal wear is returned to the rental shop following the wedding
  • Has the groom's attire cleaned and returned to the groom's home

  • Pays for his own formal wear and accessories
  • Pays his own way to the wedding as well as hotel costs if necessary while he is in town
  • Attend several pre-wedding parties, only one shower gift and one and one wedding gift is expected
  • Covers the costs of the bachelor party or share them with the other groomsmen

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