Monday, January 23, 2012


Last year’s weddings were absolutely gorgeous! This year’s weddings will prove to be no different. 2012 couples will step “outside-the-box” and create their own wedding trends. Some of the trends are new while some are a twist to old favorites.  I expect to see fancy food trucks, lots of lounge furniture, sparkle, mix and match flowers and square tables mixed with round tables.
  1. Yummy greasy food trucks. If you’ve ever come face-to-face with a food truck filled with yummy, greasy grub after a long day (or night) of drinking, you already know how fantastic it is. 2012 couples are taking note, inviting fun food trucks to their wedding receptions and after parties. From ice cream to burgers to pizza, pretzels and hot dog, 2012 wedding guests will be leaving receptions with full and satisfied tummies!
  2. Lounge furniture. Before lounge furniture was setup outside for garden weddings.  2012 couples will incorporate lounge furniture on the inside, either around the dance floor, in the cocktail area or as its own separate lounge area.  Wherever its setup, it will make a statement.
  3. Sparkle my wedding. 2012 couples will add lots of sparkle (crystal, rhinestones, shimmer and glitter) to their wedding. There are so many places you can add sparkle, (place cards, cake ornaments and stand, centerpieces, guestbook, table numbers, etc.).  Here’s to Glitz & Glam!
  4. Mix and match flowers. You can expect to continue to see big glamorous centerpieces this year.   But, you will also see that there will be less of everything looking the same.  There will be lots of variation in color, style and size.
  5. Out the door with all round tables. 2012 couples will change the shape of tables by mixing squares with rounds.  This new trend will add an interesting look and more personality to the room.