Thursday, September 29, 2011

Agoura Hills Residence Wedding l Becky + Gian

When I first got the call to plan Becky and Gian’s wedding, there was a man on the other end of the phone.  No, it was not the groom, but it was the father of the bride.  We scheduled an appointment to meet with the mother of the bride, Becky and Gian.  When I met Becky I instantly connected with her.  She envisioned her wedding reception to be non-traditional and her parents wanted to include some traditional customs.  Gian, the groom was quiet. He sat back and let everyone do the talking.  All he wanted to do was married his lovely bride. So together we came up with a non-traditional, lounge-style reception and keeping some traditions such as reserved seating for the older folks, grand entrance, bouquet and garter toss.  Becky and Gian’s wedding was so beautiful (photos below). Congratulations to Becky & Gian.   

Wedding Coordinator: Beverly Harris Weddings & Events (And thank you to my wonderful assistants: Chrisian Beabes, Danielle Smith & Stacy Trujeque)
Wedding Preparations Location: Four Seasons Westlake
Ceremony Location: Temple Aliyah, Woodland Hills
Reception Location: Agoura Hills Residence
Hair Stylist: Steven Mason
Photographer: Kacie Jean Photography
Caterer: Kitchen12000
Valet: Unkle Armen Valet & Transportation
Videographer: The Pros
Invitations: Paper Patch Creations
Wedding Dress & Veil : Renee Strauss
Flower Headpiece: Steven Mason

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Persian Wedding Custom: Sofreh Aghd

My clients added the Iranian Wedding Ceremony traditions into their wedding program.  This was a wonderful idea to help guest understand what was taking place.

“The Iranian wedding ceremony incorporates traditions that have been celebrated for centuries.  The Bride and Groom sit facing the “Sofreh Aghd,” a spread that contains food and traditional items they are to share in their new life, each bearing a unique symbolic meaning.
The mirror and candelabras represent purity, light and fire. The herbs, spices and incense guard against evil spirits. The sweets and pastries are to be shared with guests in celebration of the wedding.  The flat bread and coins symbolize prosperity.  Eggs, almonds and nuts symbolize fertility.  Honey is to be used for the first taste in the bride and groom’s new life together.  The sugar cones are to be softly ground above their heads by female friends and family to sweeten their union.  Flowers represent beauty, and rose water is used to perfume and purify the air.  There is also an open book of poetry on the Sofreh.

Our Officiant, Ms. Shahrzad Ardalan, will ask the bride and groom whether they are ready to enter into the marriage contract.  When the bride is asked, she is initially silent and does not answer.  Those in attendance pretend the bride is absent, saying such things as, “She is not here.  She went out to gather rosebuds.”  The question is asked three times and only on the third time does she say “Yes”.  When the groom is asked, however, he is to respond quickly with a “Yes”, or a “Baleh.”  The couple is now declared husband and wife and share a taste of honey.  They are then presented with gifts from family.”

Photo by Winnie Phung

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Friday, September 23, 2011

OMG, It's Here! Backstage Bridal Pro Acadamy Has Launched!

Created by Tami Brown of Fabulously Wed and Lisa Smith of Gabbi Grace Events, Backstage Bridal Pro Academy was developed to bring a broader and more comprehensive education program to aspiring, novice and veteran wedding planners like you! They will provide you with tools and applications that can be immediately implemented into your business to ensure a greater level of success.  Go to Backstage Bridal Pro for more information and hope to see you there!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ask Beverly: Is an outdoor wedding less expensive than an indoor wedding in a ballroom?

Beverly I'm on a budget and was wondering if having my wedding outdoors in less expensive than an indoor wedding in a ballroom?

No, when you add in all the things you'll need to rent (like tents, tables, chairs, silverware, china lights, etc.) it can add up to even more.  So don't rule this option out, as you can make it work in your budget, but don't look at this as an always cheaper answer to your prayers. The same goes for an at home wedding.  Once you add in extra rental expenses and the costs for before and after site cleaning, it can run you more in the final budget.

Photo by Gloria Mesa Photography

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

What are the qualities of a good wedding consultant?

Wedding consultants are known for saving time and money for their clients.  Some qualities to look for in a wedding consultant:
  • Experience: A good track record is usually the best guide, so check references and talk frankly with previous clients.
  • Professionalism: The consultant should understand the wedding business. 
  • Congeniality: A congenial consultant works with you: they won't pressure you into decisions you aren't comfortable making.
  • Good chemistry:  It's important that you feel comfortable with the consultant that you'll work with.  Is this someone who you'll want to spend time with? Confide in?
  • Excellent listening skills: Your consultant is going to plan your wedding. They are a good listener.
  • Courtesy: A consultant's manners may indicate how well they will work with you.  This person will be your wedding expert and will also serve as your intermediary with officiants, site managers, vendors, and even members of the wedding party.  You want to be represented positively.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Becky + Gian Wedding | Club Style!

white swag, white lounge furniture, white bubble bar, white food station

stir fry food station

a wedding set for a prince & princess

mac & cheese food station with a huge white floral

white lounge furniture and an area setup for the older folks

hand-painted photo of the lovely couple

white candles and a white flower centerpiece

chandeliers over the white dance floor

white cabana roped off for the bridal party with champagne inside

a mirror to add a more contemporary look

here's a close-up of the bubble bar

an elegant table setting

a close-up of that beautiful hand painting

coffee station

setup for the older folks

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