Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Planning A Royal Wedding In Six Months

I thought this was an interesting column written by wedding planner, Sarah Haywood on how to plan a royal wedding in six months.

"There are four phases to wedding planning," says wedding planner Sarah Haywood who speculates on how the preparations are panning out:
  • "The ideas phase - where and when people get married, and how much they are going to spend. This happens very early on in the engagement and is much easier when you've got money. It took Kate and William a couple of weeks - I'd normally allow six weeks
  • "The decisions phase - which they should be at the end of now. That's when the suppliers are chosen
  • "Then comes the details phase, which I'd expect them to be in for the next few weeks, when everything is ordered in. They'll be talking to suppliers, who will be able to translate their vision into a reality.
  • "Finally, the event itself, which is the month of the wedding, dotting the i's and crossing the t's. Prince William's private secretary is an ex-SAS officer, which brings a whole new credibility to the world of wedding planners."
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Royal Wedding Has Inspired More Brides To Hire Wedding Planners

Kate Middleton's marriage to Prince William is apprently inspiring more and more couples to seek the services of experienced wedding planners.

According to the BBC, as many couples that have embarked upon the journey into marital bliss have found, few people are fully prepared for the flurry of activity that follows an engagement.

As weddings become more elaborate, and more of an individual statement, non-royals are calling on the services of a small but growing band of experienced wedding planners to help realize their hopes and dreams.

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