Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Way To "WOW" Your Client

Ever want to "WOW" your client? Ever want your client to feel like they are the best thing since Banana Cream Pie?  By the way, Banana Cream Pie is my favorite dessert. :)  A couple of years ago, I added “Assistance with Guest Hotel Accommodations” to my wedding package.  This is an excellent service to offer to your client.  It is one less thing they have to stress about.  I collaborated with Farrah Tuavaa of Helmsbriscoe, an expert in the hospitality industry.  Did I mention that she is also an expert in negotiating room rates, yeah she is!   I have the best clients, and I refer the best vendors. 

Now you are probably wondering how much does this service cost. Are you ready for this?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  This is every wedding planner’s dream.  I am fortunate to have met Farrah and to be able to offer her service as part of my wedding package.  How much better can you get in the eyes of your client, you relieve them from the hassle of calling around to several hotels for their guest at no additional cost. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that you have placed your client in the hands of someone who knows their stuff and has their best interest at heart.  It is a WIN, WIN situation for everyone.

To learn more about Farrah and Helmsbriscoe go to

Wedding planners, is this a service that you would like to add to your wedding package?   Bride and Groom, is this a service that you would like to see offered by your wedding planner?  If so, Farrah Tauvaa is your vendor.

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