Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Los Angeles Union Station Engagement Sessions | Mira + Andy

My good friend and colleague, Gloria Mesa of Gloria Mesa Photography shared engagement photos of Mira and Any at the Los Angeles Union Station.  Here's what Gloria had to say about spending her day with this lovely couple.

"I love this session!! I had so much fun. Los Angeles Union Station is an amazing place. Mira and Andy wanted their engagement session with a 50′s touch. Mira transformed herself and Andy looked so handsome and reminded me of that popular show, “Mad Men”. The look was perfect. After we finished the session at the Los Angeles Union Station, we drove to find a unique spot in Downtown L.A. Andy made a turn and VOILA!! It just happened that the place was perfect for the next part of the engagement session; the more relaxed 50′s look.

I love having a stylist in the engagement sessions. James Sartin did an outstanding job of making sure that Mira and Andy had everything perfect, from hair and make-up to jewelry, everything. James you totally spoiled me now..;)

Andy and Mira are going to celebrate their wedding at the Tropical Paradise in Ventura County, I know it's going to be a fantastic affair."

Thank you Gloria for sharing such incredible photos.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Halle Berry Launches New Shoe Line

Halle Berry
Halle Berry, who already has her own fragrance, has now launched her own line of shoes. The ‘5ths Avenue by Halle Berry’ collection, designed for German retailer Deichmann Shoes, comes six months after Cindy Crawford posed with her own range of Deichmann heals. Like Crawford, Berry is 45 and the ad shoot shows off her enviably toned legs as she slips on her new shoes.
"Women have always loved shoes. It's like if your hair is not right and your shoes are not right, the woman is not right. If both of them are right, you're pretty much OK," Berry said in a statement reports The YBF.

Berry's shoe line for spring/summer 2012 will consist of 40 limited edition shoes in stylish designs featuring sexy peep toes with wedge heels, casual mid-heeled sandals with straps and chic high-heeled sling sandals on wedge heels.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thoughtful Wedding Gestures

Below are some gracious wedding gestures to remember.
  • Recycle flowers. When the wedding is over, take or send your flowers to a nearby nursing home or hospital. This small little gesture will do wonders.
  • Share your food. Have someone take the leftover food, hors d' oeuvres, cake and nonalcoholic drinks delivered to a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter.
  • Make post-wedding visits. Share the excitement of your wedding with sick or elderly family members that are unable to attend the wedding.  Take with you some wedding cake, favors, flowers, photographs, or even your wedding video.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Last year’s weddings were absolutely gorgeous! This year’s weddings will prove to be no different. 2012 couples will step “outside-the-box” and create their own wedding trends. Some of the trends are new while some are a twist to old favorites.  I expect to see fancy food trucks, lots of lounge furniture, sparkle, mix and match flowers and square tables mixed with round tables.
  1. Yummy greasy food trucks. If you’ve ever come face-to-face with a food truck filled with yummy, greasy grub after a long day (or night) of drinking, you already know how fantastic it is. 2012 couples are taking note, inviting fun food trucks to their wedding receptions and after parties. From ice cream to burgers to pizza, pretzels and hot dog, 2012 wedding guests will be leaving receptions with full and satisfied tummies!
  2. Lounge furniture. Before lounge furniture was setup outside for garden weddings.  2012 couples will incorporate lounge furniture on the inside, either around the dance floor, in the cocktail area or as its own separate lounge area.  Wherever its setup, it will make a statement.
  3. Sparkle my wedding. 2012 couples will add lots of sparkle (crystal, rhinestones, shimmer and glitter) to their wedding. There are so many places you can add sparkle, (place cards, cake ornaments and stand, centerpieces, guestbook, table numbers, etc.).  Here’s to Glitz & Glam!
  4. Mix and match flowers. You can expect to continue to see big glamorous centerpieces this year.   But, you will also see that there will be less of everything looking the same.  There will be lots of variation in color, style and size.
  5. Out the door with all round tables. 2012 couples will change the shape of tables by mixing squares with rounds.  This new trend will add an interesting look and more personality to the room.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Saks Beverly Hills | Bond No. 9 New York Introduced New Fragrance - DNA

While browsing the perfume department at Saks in Beverly Hills, I spotted a perfume bottle that that had so much sparkle.  I had no choice but to stop, inquire and smell. 

The uber-luxe Bond No. 9 New York perfume house has introduced yet another fragrance called DNA. I have a feeling this is a fragrance that all of you gardenia fiends are going to love (minus the strange name choice)!

DNA is a warm and uplifting scent made from tuberose, gardenia, jasmine vetiver and vanilla. It is housed in Bond No. 9's signature bottle with a chic and modern black and white design.   The fragrance was created exclusively for Saks, where it's available in a 3.3 ounce eau de parfum spray for $185, in an incredible 3.3 ounce 2,225 Swarovski crystal studded bottle for $550 and in a 3.3 oz version for guys called DNA For Him ($185). If you happen to love beautiful smelling perfume and bling, please take a whiff and report back!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

10 Creative Wedding Sites

When discussing wedding sites with your fiance', consider the approximate number of guests, activities (dancing, eating--buffet, finger food or sit-down meal?), budget limitations and proximity to your home.  Below are 10 creative wedding sites that you may not have thought about. 
  1. Yacht or Yacht Club
  2. Art Studio or Gallery
  3. Mansion or Historical Landmark Building
  4. Ski Lodge
  5. Theater
  6. Fire Station
  7. Lighthouse
  8. Mountaintop
  9. Botanical Garden
  10. Sports Arena
When considering outdoor-sites, see below.
  • Accessibility
  • Parking space
  • Privacy
  • Facilities
  • Presence of traffic
  • Permits, fees
  • Inclement weather (rent a tent or having alternate site)
  • Noise levels

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Bra with Bling

Bras with Bling! Bling my Bra!

Wet seal

                                Wet seal (clipped to polyvore.com)

Fun Sparkle Finds

Monday, January 16, 2012

10 Tips On How To Make the Groom Feel Special

With all the excited surrounding the wedding, sometimes the Groom is often forgotten.  Here are 10 tips on how to make your man feel special.
  1. Order a Groom’s cake, but make it really unique to his personality.
  2. Do something special with the “garter” by using his favorite scent.
  3. Have the Groom enter the ceremony site to an instrumental version of his favorite song.
  4. Have the Groom control a couple of aspects of the wedding such as the Photographer and DJ.
  5. Let him give suggestions and incorporate those ideas.
  6. Put together a package for the wedding day morning for him that include his favorite shaving cream, razor, cologne, etc. and have it delivered by the Best Man. 
  7. Send a gift to his hotel room the night before your wedding or to him the morning after his bachelor party.
  8. Let him pick the menu – the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, after all!
  9. Send his parents or his mother flowers and a card thanking them for raising such a wonderful son.
  10. Send him a sweet text before the ceremony

Friday, January 13, 2012

Descanso Gardens | Suzie + Cliff

My lovely clients, Suzie and Cliff were married at the beautiful Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge, California. Descanso Gardens is an urban retreat of year-round natural beauty, internationally renowned botanical collections and spectacular seasonal horticultural displays.

When I first spoke with Suzie, I knew there was a connection. Suzie and Cliff hired me several months after my first call with her.  Although during those several months, Suzie would call and ask questions about her wedding.  When they finally booked me, we hit the ground running to make magic happen. 

I really enjoyed working with this lovely couple and am thankful to continue to be apart of their lives. 

Congratulations Suzie and Cliff on your new life as husband and wife.

What's Cliff saying to Suzie?  Any guesses?

The dress made especially for Suzie

Here's that pop of color

This guy is ready for G-Q Magazine, don't you think?

Somewhere over the rainbow

One word: GORGEOUS

Yes! We did this!

Yeah, it's all about ME! Oh, yeah and my new Hubby!

Wedding Coordinator: Beverly Harris Weddings & Events (and awesome assistants: Stacy Trujeque and Winnie Phung)
Caterer: Patina Catering
Photographer: Evoke Photography
Flowers: Sarah's Flowers
Wedding dress: Made especially for the bride
Make-up Artist: Veronica Lane
Officiant: Danny Ta

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winnie Couture | All Beverly Harris Brides offered 25% Discount on Wedding Dresses

Many brides begin to shop for their wedding gown as soon as they become engaged.  But before you dash off to the stores, I’d like to tell you why I think you should check out WinnieCouture Bridal Salon. 

Winnie Couture is a modern mix of classic, elegant and sophisticated custom made gowns has made them one of the fastest growing bridal labels in the world. It blends femininity and luxury to create bridal attire silhouettes that are flattering and timeless.  Having debuted in the United States in August 2001, Winnie Couture received an overwhelmingly positive response to the collection’s innovative styles, coupled with their modern translation of vintage fashion and royal embellishments.
With their beautiful fashions being sold in over 250 boutiques and their 3 Flagship salons: Beverly Hills, Atlanta and Houston, brides in Beverly Hills and across the country can have a dream dress for their special day. Winnie Couture also offers a fabulous selection of dresses for bridesmaids, mother of the bride or groom, and the rest of the bridal party.

The dresses ranging in price from about $1,200 to $6,900 are made from quality materials with extreme attention to detail making them some of the most sought after wedding attire in the US, Europe, and Asia. WinnieCouture has been featured in prominent high fashion magazines like InStyle Weddings, Brides, Modern Brides, The Knot, Modern Luxury, etc. and has quickly become a favorite to editors, brides, and fashionistas alike.

Here’s a list of what to wear and bring when shopping for your wedding gown.

·         A strapless bra – to give you the versatility to try on all gown styles.
·         Sheer control-top pantyhose or regular sheer pantyhose.
·         Shoes the same heel height you’ll wear on your wedding day.
·         The hairstyle you plan on wearing on your wedding day.
·         Photos or torn pages from magazines of dress styles you like.
·         Photos and/or description of ceremony and reception site

All Beverly Harris Weddings & Events brides will get a 25% discount.  Please contact me today to get your discount.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Angela Fantasy Creations | Swarvoski Birdcage

With over a month of hard work and two sleepless nights in a row resulted in this masterpiece, THE CRYSTAL BIRDCAGE!
This cage stands 6ft tall and almost 2ft wide. The whole cage all around is covered with all Swarvoski elements and sparkles like nothing you’ve ever seen before. This cage can be used as a money box also known as card box, to release doves, or just as a centerpiece for your event. We recently added some sparkly silver birds as an accessory that is optional!

This is a glamorous item that any bride would love to have on her special day!
Pictures really do no justice so check out the full video on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WgAgrGOXtE

If you're interested learning more about this birdcage or seeing it in person, please contact email me at Angela at http://angelasfantasycreations.com

Post written by: Angela at Angela Fantasy Creations

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Congratulations, you're engaged! Now what?

You’re engaged!  Now what?  Whether you’ve known each other for three years or three months, getting engaged is one of the most exciting – and busiest – times of your life.  First, you’ll want to share your excitement with family and friends.  You might call or visit them spontaneously, invite them over for a small celebration, or break the news on a special occasion.  Some couples have even printed the message on a cake or enclosed it in fortune cookies.  You can make a serious event fun for everyone.  Next, once the news is out that you’re going to be married, parties and lots of decision-making will follow.  Keep in mind that the way that you and your fiance’ negotiate with each other and with your families to plan your celebration, honeymoon, and new home now is the best “rehearsal” you could have for marriage. 

Some couples want to know how long the engagement should last.  The answer is, “As long as it takes.”  It all depends on if you want to marry at a specific time of the year or on a special date, such as your grandparents wedding anniversary.  Do you have a special location in mind?  Religious customs may be a factor.  Some engagements are shortened because of military obligations or business locations.  Don’t give in to pressure by others to stage a celebration that is more about the festivities and less about you.  Stay focused on what it’s really about, you and your fiance’.  Enjoy the engagement for as long as it lasts.
Below is your engagement checklist.

¨  Shop for a ring.
¨  Tell your families.
¨  Tell your friends.
¨  Tell your boss/co-workers.
¨  Buy a wedding planning book.
¨  Surf the internet for wedding-planning resources.
¨  Have an engagement portrait taken.
¨  Send newspaper engagement announcement(s).
¨  Ask friends/family members to be attendants.
¨  Register for china, crystal, silver, other gifts.
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