Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Los Angeles Union Station Engagement Sessions | Mira + Andy

My good friend and colleague, Gloria Mesa of Gloria Mesa Photography shared engagement photos of Mira and Any at the Los Angeles Union Station.  Here's what Gloria had to say about spending her day with this lovely couple.

"I love this session!! I had so much fun. Los Angeles Union Station is an amazing place. Mira and Andy wanted their engagement session with a 50′s touch. Mira transformed herself and Andy looked so handsome and reminded me of that popular show, “Mad Men”. The look was perfect. After we finished the session at the Los Angeles Union Station, we drove to find a unique spot in Downtown L.A. Andy made a turn and VOILA!! It just happened that the place was perfect for the next part of the engagement session; the more relaxed 50′s look.

I love having a stylist in the engagement sessions. James Sartin did an outstanding job of making sure that Mira and Andy had everything perfect, from hair and make-up to jewelry, everything. James you totally spoiled me now..;)

Andy and Mira are going to celebrate their wedding at the Tropical Paradise in Ventura County, I know it's going to be a fantastic affair."

Thank you Gloria for sharing such incredible photos.

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