Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Congratulations, you're engaged! Now what?

You’re engaged!  Now what?  Whether you’ve known each other for three years or three months, getting engaged is one of the most exciting – and busiest – times of your life.  First, you’ll want to share your excitement with family and friends.  You might call or visit them spontaneously, invite them over for a small celebration, or break the news on a special occasion.  Some couples have even printed the message on a cake or enclosed it in fortune cookies.  You can make a serious event fun for everyone.  Next, once the news is out that you’re going to be married, parties and lots of decision-making will follow.  Keep in mind that the way that you and your fiance’ negotiate with each other and with your families to plan your celebration, honeymoon, and new home now is the best “rehearsal” you could have for marriage. 

Some couples want to know how long the engagement should last.  The answer is, “As long as it takes.”  It all depends on if you want to marry at a specific time of the year or on a special date, such as your grandparents wedding anniversary.  Do you have a special location in mind?  Religious customs may be a factor.  Some engagements are shortened because of military obligations or business locations.  Don’t give in to pressure by others to stage a celebration that is more about the festivities and less about you.  Stay focused on what it’s really about, you and your fiance’.  Enjoy the engagement for as long as it lasts.
Below is your engagement checklist.

¨  Shop for a ring.
¨  Tell your families.
¨  Tell your friends.
¨  Tell your boss/co-workers.
¨  Buy a wedding planning book.
¨  Surf the internet for wedding-planning resources.
¨  Have an engagement portrait taken.
¨  Send newspaper engagement announcement(s).
¨  Ask friends/family members to be attendants.
¨  Register for china, crystal, silver, other gifts.
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