Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wedding Invitation Wording - Part 1 of 2

I get asked this question a lot by brides, "What is the proper wording for wedding invitations". So listen up brides, I've decided to blog about it! The typical formal wedding invitation gives the following information. However, keep in mind that these are guidelines and may be changed to accommodate your family situation.

The hosts of the wedding--usually the bride's parents--issue the invitations and announcements, whether or not the bride still shares their home.  (The hosts do not necessarily pay for the wedding, so even if you and your fiance' are paying, the bride's parents can still be listed at the top of the invitation.)

If your parents are divorced, the person who raised you customarily issues the invitations and announcements.

If your parents are deceased, your guardian, closest relatives, or family friends may host the wedding and issue the invitations and announcements.

Spell out words in full.  This includes names (don't use nicknames) and numbers (ex.,the twelfth of May). Abbreviations are not used, with the exception of Mr. and Mrs., Doctor and junior can be spelled out if space permits, but are also commonly abbreviated.  If junior is spelled out, it always has a lowercase j and a comma before it.

Use the wording...request the honour of your presence for a religious service in a church or synagogue.  It is an honor to witness a religious service.  Use...request the pleasure of your company for civil ceremony or for the reception.  (Honour and favour ["the favour of a reply is requested"] are spelled with a u--the more formal British version.)

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