Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here's What You Need To Know About Lok In The Moment Photography

One day I received a phone call from Mikal introducing himself and his business.  It was the first time a vendor invited me out to dinner and it was for barbecue.  Yum, yum, yum!  I love barbecue.  I knew then that Mikal and I were going to hit it off.  He was kind and very excited about his photography business.  We kept in touch and have built a wonderful working relationship.  Now I'll let Mikal tell you more about Lok In The Moment Photography. 

Q. Who are you and what makes you so Awesome to work with?

A.  My name is Mikal Lok with Lok In The Moment Photography. I am honored to work with different clients on their wedding day. I am a funny and positive person. I love bringing my positive attitude to all photo shoots.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A.  Lok In The Moment Photography has been in business for three years. We’ve been blessed to work with the best vendors in the industry. I’ve also been honored by many photography awards and feature in wedding magazines.

Q. What are some of your unique qualities?

A. Our style is catered to the modern bride and groom. Our style is fashion meets wedding. Our clients know how to rock the camera and that’s how we like it. We love to embrace our clients’ lifestyle.

Q. What is it like working a wedding WITHOUT a wedding coordinator?

A.  A coordinator is so important for any event. There time management and coordinating skills definitely go unnoticed. I recommend all brides get a coordinator to get them the best deals with vendors and keep the wedding smooth.

Q. Why should I hire you?

A. Lok In The Moment is all about creating the best experience for our clients. We want our clients to be excited about what we are able to offer. Every client that we’ve worked with will go away with an experience to last a lifetime. We are all about having fun and capturing life at its best.

Telephone: 562-673-5172

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