Friday, January 15, 2010

Why Use HelmsBriscoe?

The way HelmsBriscoe services work:
  • We are first and foremost “advocates of our clients” and our goal is to assist you with planning triumphant events.

  • We qualify your needs and base on the specifics you provide will begin to search for all the hotels that would be the most suitable matches to your meeting criteria and have it back to you in a full report within 48 hours in most cases.

  • We assist you with your contract negotiations to deliver you with huge cost savings. We are quite familiar with the hotel lingo and know what to ask for in your favor.

  • Our services are 100% free of charge to you & your organization as we are compensated for through the hotels marketing budget. Our involvement does not impact your rates in a negative way, we only impact your experience in a positive way…time wise, investment wise, and partnership wise. We take pride in working with you as your partner and helping you achieve the utmost success.

  • We can be as involved or not, depending on what your needs are. We can coordinate your site visits, we can also be a great resource for all your additional vendor needs as we have a highly accredited group of vendors that we do business with (i.e. speakers, event production, audio visual, off premise activities, city tours etc…)

I don't know about you, but I am always looking for ways to provide my clients with excellent service.

I used Farrah Tauvaa with HelmsBriscoe for my groups room block and the service was awesome.  She can be reached at:
Cell: (626) 482-8484
Phone: (800) 397-0054
Fax: (888) 397-0558

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