Monday, January 11, 2010

Tips To Plan A Corporate Event

To plan a successful corporate event, there are many steps involved. Because corporate events are our business, Beverly Harris Weddings & Events knows how and when to execute each and every step. Take advantage of our years of experience and leave all the details of your corporate event to Beverly Harris Weddings & Events!

Next, you should think about what type of event would suit your group. Is this corporate event for employees only, or are family members invited? Do you want to incorporate team building? Do you want to base it on a theme? Beverly Harris Weddings & Events has many outstanding picnic themes to choose from and we are open to ideas you may have. However, a theme is not necessary to put on an extraordinary corporate event. One-of-a-kind entertainment, delicious food to dine on, a family friendly environment to socialize in and of course, attention to detail are all important ingredients for a fantastic corporate event.

Extraordinary entertainment is essential in keeping your guests happy at the corporate event you’ve planned. Consider the age range of the people who will be attending. If your corporate events typically include your employees’ family members, make sure you include plenty of entertainment for children. But don’t leave out the adults.

Serving a well thought out menu is definitely a priority for corporate events. Do you have special dietary needs? No problem. Do you want to plan a lunch for your management team? We will provide whatever service you choose!

The last step is to promote your corporate event so it is well attended by everyone from your CEO, to your management to every other employee. Beverly Harris Weddings & Events will provide flyers for you to distribute, outlining the awesome day you’ve set up for your company. The flyer will also include directions to the site you’ve chosen and a list of what to bring (swimsuits, towels, entry tickets, etc.) Rest assured your guests will not leave a corporate event produced by Beverly Harris Weddings & Events disappointed.

Of course there are so many details to take care of from beginning to end when hosting a corporate event and that is what Beverly Harris Weddings & Events is for. When you ask Beverly  Harris Weddings & Events to take care of your picnic or corporate event, you can be sure that our team of professionals are here to plan and execute your corporate event down to the last detail. The hardest part for you is deciding how much fun to have!

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