Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Soolip Wedding | Bel-Air Bay Club

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my Blog today. Lately I’ve attended quite a few Bridal Shows and still have more to attend.  Last Sunday I attended A Soolip Wedding 2012.  A Soolip Wedding began in 1999 and this was the first that I attended.  Not only was I excited about the show, but I was also excited about meeting Wanda Wen.  I attended an event a few years ago hosted by Ladies Who Launch where Wanda was a guest speaker along with a couple of other business owners from Sprinkles and Spanx.  I didn’t get the opportunity to meet Wanda at that event so I was not going to pass up the opportunity this time. Yep!  I met her and she was as pleasant as I thought she would be.  All smiles! 

This year A Soolip Wedding was held at Bel-Air Bay Club. As I entered the room, everything was nicely displayed. The flow of room was smooth, no traffic jams. (LOL!) The ladies at the registration table handed me a nice booklet with a map showing the locations of all the vendors.  As a vendor attending the show it was perfect because I was there to see only a few vendors who showcased.  If you’re anything like me, before you arrive you already know who you want to see.  Now, I didn’t have to waste time looking for those vendors.
A Soolip Wedding 2012 was a curate collection of designers, artisans, experts and individuals who all endeavor to share their creative passions with each Bride as they navigate through the planning of their wedding day, one of the most poignant events of their life.  I love Wanda’s idea of a perfect wedding.
 “A perfect wedding is one in which the unexpected events and surprises turn into the most glorious and memorable moments.  It is one in which the smallest of details are tended to, and where each and every guest feels special, considered and honored.  It is one in which the wedding and all of its elements reflect you and your partner, and not anybody else.  And finally, a perfect wedding is one in which the process of getting married is as fun as the wedding day itself, and that the meaning behind getting married is not lost in the process.” 
Oh, let’s not forget about the delicious appetizers, cakes and champagne tasting.  I saw old friends and met new ones, and I left with a fabulous gift bag.  What a wonderful day!
A special thank you to Jen O’Sullivan who always provide wonderful photos.
Below are just some of the great vendors at the show.

Wanda Wen

Wanda Wen

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