Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gown Preservation | Dry Cleaning

If you want your dress to last until your daughter grows up or to remain in perfect condition for sentimental reasons, take these protective measures:
  • Have your dress and veil cared for by a professional dry cleaner immediately after the wedding.  Point out where any sugar-based beverages spilled on the dress---it may be invisible later, but can stain later.
  • Ask the dry cleaner to test the beads and trim with solvent before cleaning.  Some dresses can't be dry-cleaned if beads are glued on; the glue may dissolve during the cleaning process, and you cold lose all of the decoration.
  • Remove protective shields and bra inserts because they can cause staining over time.
  • Have your dress hand-pressed and wrapped in an acid and linen-free tissue paper.  Store it in a box that's free of acid.  Use the acid and linen-free tissue paper to protect against creases and to puff up sleeves and bodice.  Avoid "vacuum-packed" boxes and cellophane windows what keep air from circulating and can discolor fabric.  Never wrap it in plastic.

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