Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beverly Hills | Beverly Hills Hotel Weddings

While visiting The Beverly Hills Hotel to look at venue space for future clients, I was approached by a wonderful team of staff people.  I felt so special.  When getting out of my car at the valet, I was approached by a gentlemen who grabbed my hand and helped me out of the car.  Such a sweet guy.  That's when I walked into the hotel entrance way. So beautiful!

Each ballroom is unique with their foyer for cocktail receptions.  The stately Rodeo Ballroom has a private terrace.  The Sunset Ballroom is stunningly hand-painted.  The magnificent Crystal Ballroom is crowned by a spectacular Venetian crystal chandelier and opens onto a lush formal gardens.  The photo below is of the Crystal Ballroom.

Thank you Anne Giapapas for a lovely walk-through and lunch at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

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  1. Thanks for coming Beverly!! Looking forward to working on something spectacular together soon!