Tuesday, May 24, 2011

7 Tips On How To Get Guests Involved In The Ceremony

  1. If getting married in a church, reverse positions with officiant so you and your groom face guests.
  2. Move the chuppah or portable altar closer to pews to increase the feeling of community.
  3. At a small wedding, have guests stand around the altar in a semicircle.
  4. Stand outside the church to greet arriving guests
  5. Welcome guests with bagpipers, saxophonists, or classical guitarists outside the ceremony site; a flutist or harpist can play indoors.
  6. Choose a prayer for attendants or guests to say in union.
  7. Ask ushers to distribute candles to each guests as they are seated.  After lighting the Unity Candle, the bride and groom walk to the first pew on their sides of the church.  With their own candles they each light the candle of the guest in the first seat of the first pew, who lights the candle of the person next to them, till all of the candles are lit throughout the room.

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