Thursday, May 5, 2011

11 Tips To Make The Groom Feel Special

  1. Order a Groom’s cake, but make it really unique to him.
  2. Let him pick some of his favorite songs for the DJ or band to play at your wedding.
  3. Do something unique with the “garter” – use his favorite scent or put a special treat in the garter for him to find.
  4. Have snacks and drinks for him and the Groomsmen before the ceremony
  5. Direct questions to both the Bride and Groom – ask questions specifically of him when profiling
  6. Let him give suggestions and incorporate those ideas
  7. Pick some part of the reception or ceremony and ask him to “surprise you” with his own idea. Let him design it and put his ideas into play! You may be surprised!
  8. Send a gift to his hotel room the night before your wedding or to him the morning after his bachelor party.
  9. Let him pick the menu – the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, after all!
  10. Send his parents or his mother flowers and a card thanking them for raising such a wonderful son.
  11. Send him a sweet text before the ceremony
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