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Hear What Expert Julie Jones of Encore Bridal Has To Say

Before you walk into that bridal salon looking for your "dream" wedding dress, you may want to hear Julie Jones, Bridal Expert of Encore Bridal Do's and Don'ts.

Do know your wedding date and location prior to dress shopping

The location and date will determine to large degree the style and fabric of gown you choose. If you know these things prior to your dress hunt, you can then focus on finding the right dress, not just a dress.

Don’t wait to think about and discuss your wedding dress budget to the minute you walk in the bridal salon.

Gowns can cost as little as $100 to as much as $20-30k.  Before you shop, determine how much you want to spend, and can spend, on your gown.  Remember that the cost of the gown is only a portion of the cost of your complete look.  You’ll also need alterations and accessories (shoes, jewelry, headpiece, veil etc…).   If you’re not paying, make sure that you’ve discussed the budget clearly with the person who is purchasing your gown.  Do this prior to shopping.  Also make sure everyone shopping knows your budget so you don’t get talked into trying on gowns that are more than you want to spend.

Do limit the number of people involved
The more people, the more opinions, the more confusion.  Limit the number of people you bring with you to 3 or less.  Bring the person who is paying (if not you), a good friend who knows your style well, and possibly your wedding consultant. 

Don’t try on just one style of gown
You might be surprised at how different silhouettes, fabrics, and necklines look on you.  Be open to trying on multiple different styles and to the suggestions of your styling consultant.

Do be informed about where you can shop for your gown search
Gone are the days when the local bridal salon was the only dress shopping option.  Nowadays you can find wedding dresses at large retailers and department stores (J. Crew, Nordstrom’s); local and online consignment stores (Encore, White; peer to peer listing sites (Craigslist,; and online discounters (, House of  These salon-alternatives often have quality dresses at more affordable prices, but there can also be some drawbacks.  Find the option that is best for you.

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