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ASK BEVERLY: What are some bridal shower and engagement party themes ?

5 Engagement Party Theme Ideas

Cake and Champagne Dreams. This engagement party theme is all about sparkle. You'll want plenty of candles lit around the house, or at the very least, some twinkling white Christmas lights.

A Cocktail Party. This is if you're going to have more than about eight people, a cocktail party might be a better choice than a dinner party. For this engagement party theme, serve fancy drinks, preferably with umbrellas in them. Keep the music a lively jazz mix. Get lots of ice. Set up a bar, and serve trays of appetizers. Make sure the appetizers are the 'walk around' variety, that people can eat anywhere, so they aren't stuck near a table, trying to dunk their carrots into a bowl of dip. Be sure to position the engagement party food in various places around the house, so that everyone is not crowded in the kitchen where you're mixing drinks. Traffic flow is important at cocktail engagement theme parties, so serve food they can pick up on a small plate or napkin and walk away with. If you're really creative, you can even "invent" a new drink and name it after the happy couple. For engagement party theme decorations, you might find an embarrassing or too-cute photo of the happy couple, and bring it to a Kinko's to be blown up life-size and hung on the wall for all the guests to sign. For a game to "break the ice" ask all the guests to write their best wedding or marriage advice on a cocktail napkin and then read each one aloud.

Costume Ball. This engagement party theme is out of the ordinary. Ask guests to come dressed as their favorite married couples from history, the big screen, or the tabloid pages. Have a blast trying to guess who they are.
Mexican Fiesta. Serve Tex-Mex casseroles or chili as an entree. Or, if you're looking to keep the food snack-size, serve corn chips and other hand-held Mexican appetizers. For this engagement party theme, mix Margaritas and salsa music as loud as you please. For decorations, you might want to pick up a pinata and fill it with adult-fun favors, letting the bride and groom supervise the smashing of the paper beastie. Multi-colored balloons will add to the gaiety of your engagement party.
Afternoon Barbecue. Even less formal engagement party theme is the backyard barbecue. Fire up the grill, break out the plastic cups and the paper plates, and gussy up your backyard for a party. Hot dogs, hamburgers and beer are the usual fare, and music can range from country to classic rock. The main obstacle to barbecues are that someone is going to have to stand in front of the grill for a long time to feed all those people, the food is unlikely to be done at the same time, and you may run out of easy seating when it's time to open the engagement party gifts.

5 Wedding Shower Party Theme Ideas

Silver & Lilac Wonderland. This party should shine with a gorgeous winter wonderland-inspired theme! Shades of lilac and purple add a soft splash of color to the traditional silver and white in this festive theme.

Coffee & Dessert. This party should have bright colors, bold patterns, and tempting treats. This is a fun & festive party theme and is guaranteed to get guests in the mood to celebrate! This is perfect for both small, intimate gatherings and large crowds.

Orange & Chocolate. Rich orange hues, chocolate browns, bright blossoms, and retro-mod patterns come together to create a decidedly chic and inviting atmosphere that's perfect for everything from special occasions to casual dinner parties with friends.

Bling Bride. The "Bling Bride" shower is a fun, girlie way to celebrate bride-to-be, and the perfect shower theme to really go crazy with...the more bling the better! Provide the guest of honor with lots of sparkle too. Tiaras, ring pops, even shimmery lip gloss is great.

Something Blue. This is perfect for giving the bride-to-be her "Something Blue" a little early! Vintage-mod patterns, elegant ribbons, sparkling champagne, and the ever-enticing "little blue box"... Something Blue = something she's sure to love!

Silver & Lilac Wonderland. Beautiful shades of purple and green come together to create a refreshingly chic party theme that's perfect for a bridal shower luncheon!

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  1. Wedding Shower Party theme: "Stock the Pantry" or "Kitchen Pantry". I like this theme becasue it is practical and great for a bride that loves to cook! Also, the gift choices and variety are endless - cookbooks, kitchen gargets, groceries and much more.