Sunday, March 20, 2011

ASK BEVERLY: Can you provide us with some honeymoon travel tips

Honeymoon travel tips
  • Purchase the lowest refundable airfare if your travel plans are tentative.Opt for a paper ticket instead of an e-ticket, even if you have to pay an extra fee. If you do book an e-ticket, keep a printout of the computer confirmation with you. 
  • Do not put film in checked baggage. High-tech scanning machines can erase photos. 
  • Book nonstop flights—no stops or plane changes (direct flights land at airports along the way; connecting flights, lost luggage; charter flights are a bargain but are more likely to be delayed, or cancelled.) 
  • Tightened security means bigger delays, so leave yourselves plenty of time to make your connection or catch that cruise ship. 
  • If renting a car, reserve early for the model of choice; specify automatic or shift; ask about hidden expenses (rate per mile, insurance, tax, gas, one-way rental). 
  • On a cruise, ask about cabin sizes and prices, and whether beds are doubles or bunks. 
  • When making hotel reservations, be sure to mention that you are honeymooners. Hotels often treat newlyweds to free champagne and room upgrades.

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