Friday, February 18, 2011

Wedding Shower Themes & Ideas

The Color Shower
The premise of the color shower is, of course, the color.  Each guest is assigned a color, and should select a gift accordingly.  For example, the guest assigned with the color “white” might bring white lingerie, wine glasses, etc. By the way, the colors should correspond with the wedding couple's color-theme.  Make it a luncheon.  Design the menu to correspond with colors of the theme.  

The Kitchen Shower
Ask guests to choose gifts the bride will need to establish an ideal newlywed kitchen.  Gifts might include tools, utensils, cookware, bake ware, appliances, kitchen linens, and cookbooks.

A Kitchen Shower is the perfect occasion to go potluck.  If your kitchen can manage, request that a few dishes be brought assembled, but uncooked.  When your guests arrive, pop their culinary creations into the oven, and serve wine in the kitchen while you enjoy the aroma of what is soon to come.  Guests might also bring along their signature recipe, written on an index card.  At the end of the shower, present the bride with a recipe box full of favorite recipes from her favorite people.

Afternoon Tea Party

Bring together the bride's good friends and family to share chit chat and afternoon tea in quaint cups.  Decorate the tables with fresh flowers, candles and pass around mini sandwiches, scones and cookie.  Great favors would be personalized teacups an saucers or even elegant place cards.

Garden Shower
Is the bride one of those people with a gift for gardening?  If so, what could be more perfect than a Garden Shower?  If she loves all things green, request that your guests shower her with lovely potted flowers, plants, ferns, and bulbs.  Guests can also bring garden tools, watering cans, bulb forcers, planters, and arrangements.

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