Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wedding & Engagement Announcement Submission Process Tips

In order to help assist with your wedding planning "TO DO" list, I will provide tips and recommendations throughout the planning process.  Below are tips on submitting your wedding-engagement announcement to local publications.  

  • Select one or two newspapers in your area to which you will submit your wedding/engagement information.
  • Ask if there is a standard form for you to fill out that will cover the basic details.
  • Your information should be typed neatly.
  • Provide relevant details such as your engagement  date, wedding date, location, the bride's maiden name, your parents names and city of residence and where you will live once you are married.
  • Consider including the names and cities of residence of your wedding attendants and where you will go on your honeymoon.
  • Add background information such as where you each grew up, where you went to school and where you now work.
  • Include a daytime and evening phone number and email in case the editor has any questions or wants more information.
  • Include a photograph with your name, phone number and email address on the back. Ask the paper what size and quality of photograph they prefer. Some accept only black and white, while others will take color.
  • Provide a stamped self-addressed envelope if you want your photograph back. (Since photographs can easily get misplaced in the newsroom, it is best to send a copy, not an original.)

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