Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shopping for "The Dress"

Don't wait until you go to a bridal show, start now looking at photos for "the dress" inspiration.  It will be very helpful if you had some kind of idea of what you like before you go to a bridal show or before you step into a bridal salon.  
By no means am I an expert on wedding dresses or even on how to shop for one, but there are some basic rules that will apply to most aspects of wedding shopping.  Buying “the dress” can be one of the most stressful parts of the wedding-planning process, yet it’s also one of the most important.  It’s the one thing at least half of the guests will notice immediately and remember forever.  You can mess up on the wedding hall, blow the church, and skimp on the food, but “the dress”, as the centerpiece of the wedding, has to be done right.  In short, when picking out "the dress", the pressure is on.

Still, don't stress out about wedding dress shopping or turn into that Bridezilla that everyone talks about if a dress doesn’t look, feel or fit the way you like.  "The dress" is out there waiting for you to find it. 

Determine a realistic budget as there is a wedding dress out there for every bride whether it's a second hand dress or a designer dress. Set the price you can afford and give yourself enough time and resources to find “the dress”. Make sure you think about all of your options as, unless you are strictly traditional, there are lots of options for wedding dresses these days. For example, brides that are getting married on a beach or in a tropical location may forgo wedding dress shopping altogether and wear a simple white dress.  This kind of dress can be worn on many other occasions.

Allowing enough time to find “the dress” can actually save money during wedding dress shopping because it eliminates the pressure to settle for a more expensive dress because time is running out to find something. Remember, you’ll need at least six months just for alterations if you plan to have “the dress” made.  You want to be able to think clearly about each dress and how you feel about it without having a time crunch influence your decision.  Be ready to put down a deposit just in case you find “the dress”.

Good luck and, more importantly, have fun!

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