Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why is choosing a wedding a dress so special?

Ever since Britain’s Queen Victoria caused a stir by choosing to wear a spectacular white dress created especially for her wedding to Prince Albert—at a time when most women simply donned their best dress for the occasion—women have devoted weeks, months, even entire childhoods dreaming about this utterly romantic garment. Your wedding gown is the dress of a lifetime---and will set the style and tone for the entire wedding. Before you shop, have fun and explore your fantasies. Look through magazines with friends, and don’t forget to surf the Internet; mark the pages of anything that catches your eye, whether it’s a particular fabric, cut, trim, or the entire dress. You may fall in love with a specific dress then plan your wedding around it. However, it’s usually best to determine the day, time, and formality of your reception first, then shop for that special look.

Once you’ve found your dream dress, select bridesmaids’ and ushers’ attire that is complementary in formality and style. Mothers’ dresses should also complement the wedding colors scheme.

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