Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Must Read Love Story

Ken’s Story:
 As I walked through the gym one morning, I saw the most incredible woman working out on a universal machine. My mouth fell open, my heart began pounding, and my forehead started to sweat. I knew at this point that this was someone that I needed to introduce myself to. I took a few seconds to compose myself then I introduced myself and made small talk. As I talked to her, I noticed her wonderful smile and dimples. Then I discovered that she wasn’t just gorgeous, but educated and very intelligent. It was at this moment, that I knew this was the woman for me. It was destiny! Love at first sight is not a myth. It truly does happen, which was my experience.

Lisa’s Story:
Ken came over one day to make small talk while I was working out. I’d recently moved back to L.A., and just thought he seemed like a nice guy to talk to. I think he asked me out a few times, without me actually realizing it since I was in no way thinking about any type of relationship. Eventually, I agreed to “hang out” with him just as friends. Ken agreed that we could “hang out” as “just friends”, but really had other intentions. Somehow, Ken still believes to this day, that it was I who asked HIM out. To this day, this part of the story is still debated. Eventually, the “friendship” became more serious, and I began to see Ken for the great guy that he is. I admired his drive and worth ethic. I loved his sense of humor, not to mention he was kind of cute and always smelled great. After all this time, we’re still together and now he’s stuck with me…..

The Proposal:
The night I proposed (June 1, 2009), I went to the store to get a piece of cake to symbolize Lisa’s sweetness. I went to her house, and told her I wanted her to taste the cake I brought her. Once I gave her the cake, I waited to see the look on her face because I’d placed the engagement ring visibly on top of the cake for her to see. I then got on my knee and told her that I’d brought this cake to symbolize how sweet she was. Then, I talked about how wonderful our relationship was, that she was the sweetest woman in the world, and asked her if she would be willing to be my wife and spend the rest of her life with me. She was stunned and shocked that she didn’t even say anything at first… Eventually she said jokingly, “hmmm, let me think about it”…. After a few minutes, she did say “yes”.

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