Monday, May 24, 2010

Why is it traditional to have bridesmaids and ushers?

Long ago, marriage by capture was the norm. A groom's friend helped him kidnap his mate and defended him against anyone who might try to steal the bride--including her family. The best man and ushers represent the warriors. At the altar, the groom always stood on the bride's right side, leaving his right hand--his sword hand--free to defend her.

In later years, it was customary for the bride to travel to her groom's village accompanied by escorts, her "bridesmaids," who were dressed in similar bride-like gowns to confuse rival suitors and robbers. In England, the bride was escorted to the church by boys, or "bride knights," symbolizing her innocent status; on the way home, she was escorted by married men, or "bridegroom men."

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  1. Great post -

    I actually heard a different story about the reason for bridesmaids - They are all dressing attendants who were needed to help the bride into her gown, and then attend to her once she was dressed - sort of like a hand-maid.