Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ask Beverly: Questions To Ask A Wedding Coordinator

What can you tell me about your business?

When Beverly Harris founded Beverly Harris Weddings & Events in 2006, her vision is to assist individuals, companies and non-profits in maximizing their events through strategic planning and creating fun, original and fabulous atmospheres for their guests. Beverly who holds a MBA has professionally coordinated corporate events for major Fortune 500 companies, planned parties and coordinated weddings for families and friends. She and her professional team are constantly evolving by staying on top of the market and enhancing their skills through their relationships with vendors, associations and the industry, at large.

Beverly Harris Weddings & Events is based in Los Angeles and doing business in surrounding areas such as, Beverly Hills, Orange County, Ventura County and the South Bay. Beverly Harris Weddings & Events was Nominated in the Top 5 Best Businesses in the Inland Empire, won the 2011 and 2010 Brides Choice Award, featured in the Los Angeles Times, Bodas USA Magazine and on numerous blogs. Beverly Harris Weddings & Events will take care of all your planning needs and be rest assured that all the details, large and small, will be taken care of so you can feel like a guest at your own event. Beverly Harris Weddings & Events is seeking the ultimate opportunity to build and establish a personal/professional relationship with clients and are committed and totally dedicated in assisting customers, in bringing their Vision to Life!

What is a Bridal Consultant, and do I need one?

Beverly Harris Weddings & Events is a professional service that has endless hours of training and experience. We use highly qualified vendors and will concentrate on making your day run perfectly stress free as you relax and enjoy. You can choose any or all of the roles we play such as coordinator, advocate/point person, mediator, supervisor, advisor, budget assistant and so on. We work behind the scene to make it all happen.

What will a consultant do for me?

Beverly Harris Weddings & Events objective is to assist in making your dream day a reality while helping you stay within the budget, save you precious time, and avoid any costly mistakes. We would handle as much of the details as you would like and be there to smooth all of those complex relationships that sometimes come about with family and friends. We will reduce your stress and help you enjoy your engagement and wedding.

Both Ceremony and reception sites have an on-site planner, why would I need a consultant?

This is a common question and quite justified. Some places do include their own "on-site" coordinator, when this happens Beverly Harris Weddings & Events does not infringe on their responsibilities. They do a wonderful job getting done what is contracted, but they are usually focused on the venue they work for; leaving the question of who will manage the details you have spent hours working on, such as flowers for readers, groomsmen, grandparents, assuring the musicians, limo, and photographer are on time, programs are handed out, candles are lit, bows on chairs are straight, DJ is on time, and much more. On site coordinators are frequently not prepared or else willing to take care of the little things or problems. We are your personal assistant for the entire day. Knowing what the big picture is and assuring that every detail is in its place, looking as beautiful as you have dreamed it would.

If you have more questions, please give us a call.

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