Friday, December 18, 2009

Why Should I Hire Beverly Harris Weddings & Events To Plan My Next Event?B

  • Beverly Harris Weddings & Events understands how to choose a site, meeting room set-up, food, audio-visual, time of year, etc. that supports your meeting goals and objectives
  • Hotels and other hospitality providers have their own lingo, which can be confusing; however, Beverly Harris Weddings & Events knows how to translate your needs into terms a vendor understands, so that you get exactly what you need.
  • Beverly Harris Weddings & Events knows how to inspect a potential meeting site through the "meetings" lens, in addition to the "hotel guest" lens.
  • Beverly Harris Weddings & Events can help you lay out, plan, and stick to your budget, whether it is large or small, for a profit or break-even. Beverly Harris Weddings & Events can help you find ways to cut your costs without sacrificing the quality of the event.
  • Beverly Harris Weddings & Events is focused exclusively on all of the details of the meeting, unlike an administrative assistant who must wear many hats, we can give complete attention to the meeting.
  • Here are some of the ways Beverly Harris Weddings & Events can assist you:
Articulate your goals and objectives, budgeting, attendee demographics, choose facility types, marketing and promotion, food and beverage, audio-visual, meeting space needs, housing for attendees, choose and contract with speakers, coordinate ground transportation, print materials, advance and on-site registration, plan exhibits, plan special events and entertainment, and coordinate green meeting considerations.

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